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Eric and Elaine Zeanah

Eric and Elaine Zeanah

The complex is named for Eric and Elaine Zeanah, alumni and longtime benefactors of the college. Eric, a 1984 graduate in industrial and systems engineering, and Elaine, a 1982 graduate of UT's College of Nursing, have built a lengthy history of philanthropy towards the TCE and the university. They helped create the Wayne T. Davis Endowed Dean's Chair, which has allowed the dean to quickly fund new or critical initiatives as needed. Their establishment of the Jessie Rogers Zeanah Faculty Fellow—named in honor of Eric's mother—has helped support the research efforts of Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Stephanie TerMaath.

John and Ann Tickle

John and Ann Tickle

The John D. and Ann Tickle Atrium is named in recognition of a commitment made by the Tickles that started the process of securing campus and state funding for the complex. Their philanthropy—including a transformative gift that led to the college's naming—has enabled the college to grow and meet the needs of contemporary engineering students. To use one of Mr. Tickle's favorite motivational stories, they've done wonders to enabled the college's ever-expanding “Wow!” factor.

Min Kao Family

Min and Yu-Fan Kao

The Min and Yu Fan Kao Innovation and Collaboration Studio is named in gratitude for their gift, via the Kao Family Foundation, that enabled the complex to be realized. The studio provides resources of technology, tools, and knowledge to students in order to help them to turn inspiration into reality. Engineering Vols collaborate with colleagues and staff to create everything from 3D printing parts to programming microcontrollers.

The actual entrance to Estabrook Hall, which previously stood at the ZEC site, is preserved in a permanent exhibit on the first floor of the atrium.

Naming Opportunities

Opportunities for the naming of a variety of rooms and facilities abound throughout the 228,000-square-feet Zeanah Engineering Complex. The complex boasts more than 70 labs, classrooms, and dedicated instruction areas, over 80 faculty and staff offices, and approximately 30 conference rooms and collaboration areas. Room-naming opportunities support engineers in the making by outfitting these vital spaces for study and research.

Support through naming provides advanced facilities, giving students like Leo hands-on experience with the latest technology and giving faculty the equipment needed for groundbreaking research.

Room naming recognition starts at a donation of $50K, with annual pledge payment plans possible. Contact us at 865-974-2779 or to speak with a development officer from our Engineering Development Office for more details.

Students can learn about concepts in abstract, but putting their hands on something that uses those concepts and applying that in the real world is a huge help towards understanding it.”

— Leo Beale, engineering junior